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Intussusception of ileum and caecum.

CT shows a long segment intussusception in the right upperquadrant, which is thought to involve the ileum and caecum.

Note inferior portion of renal cyst visible posterior to intussusception


Subarachnoid haemorrhage with blood in the basal cisterns, the ventricular system and in the cerebral sulci (including the sylvian fissure on the right).

A large intraparenchymal bleed can be seen within the right frontal lobe. There is significant dilatation of the ventricular system indicative of hydrocephalus. There is evidence of cerebral oedema with effacement of the sulci.


Intra cerebral haematoma

Images acquired following left decompressive craniotomy and aspiration of left temporal intracerebral haematoma. The decompression has reduced the mass-effect on the left ventricle, with resolution of previous hydrocephalus. There remains haemorrhage involving the left temporoparietal lobes. Intracranial pressure monitor visible in right frontal region.

Pulmonary fibrosis ? Usual interstitial pneumonia

There is diffuse reticulo-nodular shadowing, which  is most marked in the lower lower zones bilaterally. There is differential volume loss in the lower zones. There are reticular changes seen adjacent to the heart borders and subpleurally. Findings are suggestive pulmonary fibrosis. The radiographic appearances are most typical of Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis. 

Cavitation lesion in RIGHT lung

CXR demonstrating RIGHT upper zone shadowing, with the appearance of a cavitating lesion, most likely an infectious consolidation - TB is being investigated, and malignancy cannot be ruled out.

\" thumb-printing \" sign on AXR

"Thumb-printing " sign which suggests bowel wall oedema from fulminant colitis.