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"X-ray Library The Acute Med X-RAY Library is designed to complement the original idea behind AcuteMed, providing accurate information to junior doctors in an acute setting, so that they have the right information and right answer at the right time. The library provides a RANGE of CLASSICAL, COMMON, and IMPORTANT x-rays as YOU have seen them on the wards!"

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Welcome to Acute Med

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Would you like to write for Acutemed? We still have a few acute medical conditions not covered. If you would like to so some writing please do so via contact us. You will receive a certificate for your e-portfolio

This is a website about acute medicine. It describes the care of most acute medical emergencies. Acute medicine concerns the first 24-48h of a patients admission with an acute medical problem. The website is primarily designed for junior hospital doctors (and medical students) working in an acute medicine unit (AMU) - ie acute medicine, emergency medicine and medical take. But family practioners, nurses and others may find it useful too. It is written by a group of UK consultants, with the help of junior doctors and nurses. All practice and enjoy acute care. It is an on-going project

If you search on ‘acutemed’ then the common abbreviation of the disease you are looking for, you may get to it quicker: eg, ‘acutemed acs’

This website is not a substitute for a detailed clinical assessment, involving history, examination and investigation. Your patient may be different from the cases described within. If in doubt, ask

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