Last updated: Acute Gastroenteritis (incl C Diff)
on December 16, 2014

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Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), Franco-German Physician and Theologian

Welcome to Acute Med

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This is a website about acute medicine. It describes the care of most acute medical emergencies. Acute medicine concerns the first 24-48h of a patients admission with an acute medical problem. The website is primarily designed for junior hospital doctors (and medical students) working in an acute medicine unit (AMU) - ie acute medicine, emergency medicine and medical take. But family practioners, nurses and others may find it useful too. It is written by a group of UK consultants, with the help of junior doctors and nurses. All practice and enjoy acute care. It is an on-going project

If you search on ‘acutemed’ then the common abbreviation of the disease you are looking for, you may get to it quicker: eg, ‘acutemed acs’

This website is not a substitute for a detailed clinical assessment, involving history, examination and investigation. Your patient may be different from the cases described within. If in doubt, ask

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